RENFIELDS  A hybridized race that is partially human (Paradoxan) and partially descended from Abyssians, an alien race from a sister universe, the A'Obeinur.
ABYSSIANS  A race of humanoid that entered the Paradoxan universe via interdimensional travel only to discover that the dimension had deleterious and monstrous effects upon them.
THE PARADOX The name that  inhabitants of the A'Obeinur give to the universe that human beings are native to.
THE A'OBEINUR  aka the OMNISVERSE -   The universe that Abyssians are native to.
REVENANTS  The beings that Abyssians are metamorphosed into once they are exposed to the environment of  the Paradox.  In common parlance they are referred to as vampires.
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Ramona Stone

House: Ekimmou

Heir Apparent of Renfield Empire Deputy Director: Investigations and Enforcement Division Renfield International


St. Augustine , FL  USA

     Ramona Stone is the eldest child of Yannara Tejan, Aaron Stone and Sebastian Forza. Her natural and suoernatural abilities have been honed to prepare her for her inevitable role of heading the Renfield Empire.

     But when all appears smooth a presumed betrayal and inconvenient attraction wake her to the possibility that her unobstructed path to success has become a political, societal and emotional maze; all of which must be traversed in order to earn the right to manage and secure the lives and affairs of the members of the Renfield Clan and their ever-enlarging empire

Alyson Greene

House: Kiang Shi

Renfield East Coast Academy Assistant Dean

Copenhagen, Denmark

      Alyson-Greene is Ramona's closest friend and confidante. Raised in a very traditional Renfield family Alyson is one of the major proponents of curbing the Orphan population and limiting Revenant breeding in the Paradox. Her scholarly writings on the subject, as a researcher at the Kiang-Shi Institute attracted Sebastian Forza's attention. At his request she was brought on to teach at the Renfield Eastern Academy in New York to train impressionable young Renfield minds.     

      He additionally recommended her when the Alpha Squad had an opening, She is one of the three members of the Ramona-Alyson-Tirez "RAT" squad.


Nabil Aziz

House: Ekimmou

Assistant Director of Architecture, Planning and Development

Nes-Trema, Abyssia

     Born in the Abyssian homeworlds, Nabil Aziz-Dans-K'Arela is the most recent member of Renfield Alpha. His background as a researcher, mercenary, photographer, architect, and assasin rendered him uniquely qualified for the highly sought-after Renfield security positon.     

     Eschewing the ridicule over his unorthodox bloodline,  Nabil Aziz has risen to a rank in the Renfield Empire beyond even his wildest imaginings and provided him with a community of steadfast friends.  But  his new, perfect life may be endangered by a history of substance abuse.  His difficulty with authority places him at loggerheads with Ramona while the two employ their competitive natures to conceal and deflect from an ill-advisedgrowing attraction.

Sebastian Forza

House: Ekimmou

Chairman/CEO Renfield International

Milan, Italy

     The second of The Praefect, Yannara's two mates, Marcello Sebastian Forza VI is President and CEO of Renfield Intenational and has paved the way to wealth and prosperity for Renfields and security for their Revenant charges. His open disdain for what he terms "the indolent Revenants" and "the Paradoxan rabble" have been the foundation for his plan to insulate the Renfield Clan from both.

    Like Yannara, Sebastian has also been training their eldest daughter as successor, but additionally hopes to bend her to his more xenophobic leanings.

MiguelAngel Jalandra
 House: Kiang Shi
Director of Communication and Entertainment
San Miguel , Philippines

The youngest member of the Alpha Squad a, MiguelAngel Oscar is a composer, lyricist, and musician of the highest order reflected in his nickname Orpheus.

     Employing music and sound as therapy and weaponry his outstanding work earned him a post on the Alpha Squad as well as a position at the top of the Renfield Corporate hierarchy.

     His vices result in problems which leech into the lives of his friends and damage his effectiveness as an operative. Having a long-standing relationship with Tirez he is also a close confidante of Ramona who he has from time-to-time referred to as his muse. The New York Renfield club, Orpheus was so named to reflect his imprint on the establishment. 

Tirez Michele
House: Impundulu

Director of Transportation and Fleet Maintenance

Arecibo, Puerto Rico

      Tirez Michele was brought to the Alpha Team early on to manage and maintain the fleet of Renfield vehicles. Licensed to maneuver any vehicle on the ground, air or water, Tirez's engineering background further enables her to tinker with the modifications on vehicles in her care to produce more durable and efficient transportation for the Team.

       She is part of the "RAT" Ramona-Alyson-Tirez trio when they take on special projects that might not necessarily be authorized by Renfield protocol.

      The long time partner of Miquel Angel Jalandra, she has claimed to be the most stable member of the Alpha squad.

Yannara Tejan

House:  Ekimmou

Praefect/Imperial Head of the Renfield Empire


Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa

     The guiding force behind the growth and stability of the Renfield Empire Yannara Stone-Tejan-Forza is a master strategist and repository of charisma and charm.

      Along with maintaining the Empire and her household of six children and two mates, she is charged with preparing her eldest daughter, Ramona for the probabilty of ultimately following in her footsteps but in addition becoming the sole ruler of the vast empire. 

Rajiv Srivastav
House: Striga

Physician, Psychotherapist and Psychiatrist

Calcutta, India

     The primary field medic and personal physician to the Alpha squad and many Renfield and Revenant notables, his uncanny supernatural abilities of psychic manipulation are variously used for treatment, espionage and interrogation. 

      From a powerful Renfield family his insistence upon promoting his and Ramona's relationship may be as much political positioning as it is romance.

Graham Duquesne
House: Lamia 
Priest of the Azoth Temple
Deputy Director Renfield Research and Development
Port Au Prince, Haiti

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Graham Duquesne was the darling of the Lamia House Revenants who coddled him and encouraged his capricious and self-centered behaviors. A confident and capable youth he left home to travel the world for adventures before being called upon to begin his career within the Empire.

Meeting Sebastian Forza in his travels the two became as brothers while Graham developed into a modern era Eros and epicurean collecting whatever or whomever he held an interest it.

A financial wiz and devout priest of the Azoth temple, he takes his professions seriously. As Chief Financial Officer of Renfield International he is also a member of the Investigations and Enforcement Alpha squad and even after their romantic entanglement ended remains one of Ramona's closest confidantes.