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Ramona in State Room 4.png

spend your BIPOC VAMP DAY with Renfields

In Bram Stoker's Dracula RMS Renfield is a bug-eating asylum inmate and Count Dracula's sycophant. Even in this mythology, he is quite insane. But... he is also a member of a vast clan of vampire/human hybrids bred to assist and protect their Revenant (vampire) forbearers. The multi-ethnic, multi-national family for millennia has run its worldwide entity, Renfield International, whose profits fuel the extravagant lifestyles of Revenants and Renfields alike.

But where there is profit, someone has to protect it. At Renfield International, that person is Ramona Stone-Tejan-Forza. Running her team of impeccably trained professionals in the Investigations and Enforcement Division; they protect Revenant holdings, increase Renfield wealth and power, and keep the peace between other supernatural beings and humankind. 


The beast in pursuit

Ramona Tommy Gun-s.png
Alpha Team.png

Renfields Alpha

Pirate Mona-s.png
The Dining Table-s.png
FO3C283989C3 penelopeflynn-04.png

Yannara & Sebastian
- breakfast at Koescu's

Koescu & Ina Intimates.png

Ina & Koescu

Koescu short hair cover.png

Koescu with Gertrudis & Yannara


Sebastian Forza - CEO of Renfield International 

Ramona & Nabil Restraint-1s.png

Ramona & Aziz

Rajiv w-lua updo 2.png

Ramona & Rajiv

Ramona and Graham kiss-sharpen.png

Ramona & Graham

The Mentorship.png

Yannara & Koescu
Beginning the

Aziz in Uniforms.png

Nabil Aziz

Ina & rAELEd.png

Ina & Raele


Yannara Tejan -Renfield Clan Praefect 

Fangtastic Baby 2.png

Ramona & Aziz
- Fangtastic Baby!

Dining with Koescu-s.png

Yannara & Sebastian - Dinner with Koescu

1928 Alpha Males Gold.png

Graham, MiguelAngel, Rajiv, Nabil Aziz

Gals Dazzled1.png

Tirez, Ramona & Alyson

Seb and Rose at the Odeon.png

Yannara & Sebastian at the Odeon

Rajiv Ramona Aziz.png

Rajiv, Ramona & Nabil Aziz

Samedi & Brigette-s.png

Lane & Trent

Ramona in Uniform For Marketing-sharpen.png
Aziz at the Port.png

Nabil Aziz' arrival

Koescu & Ina entrances.png

Koescu & Ina in Paris

A drive in the country front.png

Ramona & Nabil -
A Ride in the Country

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