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   Featuring the         Renfields short story, "Unfleamed!"

Coming Fall 2020!

The First Book of Ramona

Policing and mediating between humans and off-world vampires was hard enough; harder due to the Renfields' vampire/human bloodline making both sides leery of them but Ramona keeps everything under control. She labors to dispel rumors that she rose to the position of Renfield International's Deputy Director of Investigations and Enforcement through bias from her mother, head of clan and her mother's consort, the corporation's CEO. In fact, Ramona's perfectionist nature has made her a lock for the coveted Director's position. But lately things have begun to unravel. An incident at one of their salons leaves 3 dead. A robbery at one of their clubs results in multiple injuries. On top of these the extended work hours have seriously taken a toll on her relationship with her beau, Rajiv.  Her judgment is questioned on all fronts and old rumors of nepotism are being whispered again.


In the midst of these problems, and over her objection, a new member is hired onto the Investigations and Enforcement team. Nabil Aziz is smart, irreverent and proficient, and having burned every bridge in his life he is desperate to prove himself. The two have a rocky start. Nevertheless they are ordered to work together on a major case off-world where a celebrity client is being blackmailed. The two must search for clues while they play at being lovers on an intergalactic cruise ship. Can Ramona set aside her disdain and competitive nature to make peace with her sexy but arrogant colleague and focus on breaking the case?

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